2017-18 Dress Code Memo

To:      Parents and Students

From: CLHS Administration

The following regulations should be kept in mind when purchasing school clothes for the 2017-18 school year.

  • Shirts should be:
    • Oxford or polo with little or no logo
    • Hunter green or white
    • Tucked in
  • Spirit Shirts should:
    • Be worn only on Fridays
    • Promote Central Lafourche H.S.
  • Pants should:
    • Be worn at the waist
    • Be khaki
    • Not be worn inside boots/shoes
    • Not have holes or tears
    • Not be cut offs, joggers, leggings or cargo
  • Shorts/Skirts should:
    • Be khaki
    • Be no shorter than 4 inches from the back crease of the knee
    • Not be cut offs or cargo
  • Belts should:
    • Be worn at the waist
    • No belt buckles larger than a playing card; no ornate buckles
    • No studs or grommets
  • Shoes should:
    • Be closed-back and closed-toe
    • Have a hard bottom (no slippers)
  • Socks should be:
    • White, khaki, gray, black, hunter green or school approved     
  • Piercings:
    • No facial piercings
    • Earrings not to exceed the size of a quarter
    • No sharp/pointed gauges
  • Jackets should:
    • Be able to zip from bottom to top (flannel shirts/long sleeve shirts are not considered jackets)
    • Be quarter-zipped
  • Sweatshirts/pullovers should:
    • Be solid white, gray, black, hunter green, or school approved
  • Hair should be:
    • Appropriately groomed
    • Colored natural (no pink, green, blue, etc.)
    • Clear of wraps, caps, bandanas, etc.
  • Facial hair should be:
    • Reasonably trimmed mustaches that cover the upper lip and neatly trimmed facial hair are permitted.
  • Identification tags should be:
    • Visible (not worn on waist)
    • Worn at top right collar
    • Worn at all times while the student is on campus
  • Undershirts should be:  Solid white, gray, black or hunter green


  • All tattoos must be covered
  • non-mesh bags must be properly stored away by 7:30 AM each day.
  • No hats worn in building

It is our sincere hope that you find this memo helpful in preparing for the upcoming school year.  Please remember that at CLHS we expect our students to have Courage by being helpful, Leadership by being positive, Honesty by being respectful, and Success by being diligent.  These are the qualities and expectations of all CLHS TROJANS!  If you have any questions, please contact the office at 985-532-3319.